A useful and insightful Cordless Drill Guide

A cordless drill is considered to be such an essential power tool that you will need it more often than not. This tool is extensively used in different projects like remodelling a kitchen or building a deck. On the other hand, it is also utilized in performing smaller tasks like assembling furniture, installing fixtures etc. Once you know different aspects of a cordless drill, then you will be able to get your hands on the best cordless combi drill for UK.

Most of the cordless drills are to run on the lithium-ion batteries that are known to provide more power as well as longer run times. These days, most of the cordless drills get benefits from motor makeover. 

Types of drills

It is important for you to know about the different types of available cordless drills in the market. You need to decide first as to what kind of voltage drill you really want to have. The 18-20 volt cordless drill is naturally likely to be bulkier and more powerful than some 12- volt model. These days, a 12 volt drill is easily capable of driving some few hundred decking screws on single charge. Such a drill is known to be more than enough to power various homeowners’ requirements. 

The cordless drills are basically likely to be classified into 3 different types such as light duty, general use and heavy duty. Most of the manufacturers do not necessarily market their drills in this manner. Normally, chuck sizes are used to categorize different models.

  • Heavy duty drills

These kinds of drills are generally built around 18 to 24 volt batteries. Hence, it becomes powerful enough to drive very large fasteners and effectively bore holes through the thick boards. It is outfitted with the ½ inch chuck which is why it is to accept any kind of drill bit. Therefore, these kinds of drills are heaviest and most expansive for the obvious reasons. 

  • General use drills

This drill is outfitted with 3/8 inch chucks. Moreover, these are generally powered by the 12 volt battery. These drills are easily capable of boring holes in the wood. Moreover, they can even drive the pouch full of the screws on single charge. In case you decide to keep a single battery charging while working, you always have the option of swapping in fresh one and will never run out of power. If you require taking on occasional heavy job, then you are supposed to rent some hammer drill from home centre. 

  • Light duty drills

This electric drill is better suited for various small jobs such as assembling flat-packed furniture, drilling into the drywall or changing the light fixture etc. Battery size ranges from 12 volts up to 20 volts. Its motors are not supposed to drive or spin with same force that of general use drills or heavy duty drills. It happens to have limited use. It has ¼ inch socket that accepts just ¼ inch hex bills. It would be good to have this drill at your home. 

How do cordless drills get sold?

The cordless drills are basically sold in 3 different configurations.

  • First of all, it is sold as the standalone tool with 1-2 batteries along with a dedicated charger.
  • On the other hand, it could be sold as a part of collection of the cordless tools from single brand known as kit.
  • Moreover, it can even be sold as some bare tool with no charger or battery. 

In case you are looking for a drill without any kind of power tools along with it, then it would be better for you to resort to option 1. But if you want different tools such as work light, reciprocating saw, circular saw or impact driver, then the option of kit would be best for you. In case you already have compatible battery from different cordless tool, then the bare drill option or option 3 will be ideal for you. 

Do your research

There is so much to know and explore about the various sides and aspects of best cordless combi drills. Once you know sufficient details and information about it, then you will be able to grab the best cordless combi drill for UK with relative ease. 

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