How To Be A Clean Housemate – Know the steps

If you are planning on moving out with housemates, there are a few things you need to take into account. Different people have different ideas about what constitutes a clean house. If you are moving out from your parents’ place, it pays to keep a few things in mind – when it comes to share houses, you need to remember that no one is willing to pick up after you.

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Wash your dishes. Leaving dishes on the sink for a few hours is fine – providing it’s not the one cooking pot in the house and it’s right on dinner time. A few plates, a couple of cups…if your housemates complain they are a little over-sensitive to mess. However, if you are regularly getting up in the morning, leaving dishes in the sink and skipping out the door to work for the day, you need a reality check. It is not up to your housemates who get up after you, are home all day, or finish work before you to clean up your dishes. The best rule to live by in a share house really is wash as you go. Washing a couple of dishes is painless – and beats having to wash a mountain at the end of the day. It also eliminates conflict.

Clean up after yourself in the bathroom. Don’t leave your toothbrush, toothpaste, make up and everything else scattered about the bathroom. Choose a drawer, or area to keep and it – and put it back there once you have used it. This eliminates a crowded bathroom and also prevents you ‘losing’ your expensive shampoo. If in doubt, keep some items in your bedroom (especially if you are a ‘products hoarder’). This is also a good idea if your bathroom is small with minimal storage. It also pays to wipe up around the basin when you are done – don’t leave it trashed with make-up powder and toothpaste. You may know that that brown liquid on the soap is merely your foundation from when you washed it off your hands, but your male housemates probably won’t assume that that is what it is.

The shower. Pretty simply here. It is isn’t a storage place for 100 difference soaps, lotions and potions. Body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. That is all you should need hanging about the floor of your shower. No need for everything else. And one last point, remove your hair from the plug hole – other people’s hair is gross, no matter who you ask.

Elvira Richardson is a professional journalist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the author of the book ‘What makes life miserable?”

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